The great thing about living in America is we have no shortage of basketball clubs. There are clubs in most areas of the U.S. so you don’t have to go far if you want to either learn how to play the game or to become a coach and teach others how to play.

Learning how to become a basketball coach is something lots of people want to do. Whether they have played the game at a high level and want to give something back or simply have a lot of knowledge and want to share it with others. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to become a coach.

Many states have boy and girl basketball clubs and girls are encouraged just as much as the boys. Female basketball is on the increase as thousands of new girls learn how to play each year. Again, most states have unisex clubs in various towns and cities.

The biggest league in the world is of course the NBA (National Basketball League) and it currently has 30 clubs. 29 of these clubs are in North America and the 30th club is in Canada. The players themselves can earn a LOT of money playing the game. Kobe Bryant is currently on $23.5 Million each year with the Los Angeles Lakers and other players are not far behind him. They do of course make even more money through sponsorships and advertising deals.

So it’s no wonder that so many people want to get into this amazing sport. Basketball will just continue to get more popular, so why not get into this great game yourself.